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Is the face of FTSE 100 leadership changing?

March 01, 2024

It’s the era of ethical business - or so corporations claim. Yet blue-chip CEOs are still overwhelmingly male, pale and disproportionately well paid.

The innovation equation: a banking perspective on balancing tech and talent

February 01, 2024

The relationship between emerging technology and talent is complicated, and leaders must think carefully about how they move forward, according to a panel of experts.

2024 Financial Services Industry Outlook

January 08, 2024

Deloitte’s spotlight on 2024 looks at the conditions most likely to play out over the coming months.

The wisdom of youth: how businesses can benefit from reverse mentoring

December 04, 2023

This opinion piece from Kate Bishop explains how reverse mentoring can help build trust and camaraderie between senior and junior employees.

Key Challenges Facing UK Building Societies

November 10, 2023

Building societies face financial and operational headwinds which need to be carefully managed. Chris Laverty and Jarred Erceg of Grant Thornton look at six key challenges for the sector, and highlight what societies can do to shore up their resilience.

Chief Risk Officers Outlook

November 06, 2023

The World Economic Forum's survey of chief risk officers highlights a range of global risks over the next six months.

Fintechs Back Digital Pound Arguing It Will Boost Innovation and Competition

October 03, 2023

Fintechs are excited by the potential of a so-called digital pound arguing it will help spur innovation in the UK and create a more competitive payments environment.

Zoom’s Move Shows Employees Are Losing the Work-From-Home War

September 08, 2023

With research increasingly seeming to be on the side of companies who order workers back to their desks. Might it be time to begrudgingly consign the all-remote lifestyle to the dustbin?

Work-Life Balance Isn't Working - It's Time to Try Something New

August 23, 2023

With work-life balance being the yardstick against which wellbeing is measured, HR Grapevine reports on the new concept of ‘work-life fluidity’.

The Future of AI in Banking

July 03, 2023

Forbes Council Member, Alex Kreger, gives his opinion of the future of AI in banking.

Integrated Channels: The Next Frontier Beyond Omnichannel Distribution

June 01, 2023

Leading banks integrate channels and use their mobile app to orchestrate across digital and human interaction to provide a truly differentiated customer experience.

Better Boards for Growth Companies

May 01, 2023

FinnGroup’s survey gathers information around the challenges faced by companies looking to attract top talent to their boards.

How ESG Regulation is Transforming Global Financial Services

April 03, 2023

Global financial services have undergone a significant shift in recent times. The ESG movement has motivated investors from solely prioritising returns to considering a company’s ESG risks. The economic prosperity of a country is tied to the development of greener products and services as well as its efforts in reaching net zero.

Why It’s Important to Embrace Neurodiversity in the Workplace (And How to do it Effectively)

March 01, 2023

Focusing the spotlight on neurodiversity in the workplace, Pamela Furr presents a compelling argument to Forbes readers on the subject.

Women in Board Roles at UK’s Biggest Firms Above 40% for the First Time

February 01, 2023

The Guardian report on how the number of all-male executive committees in the FTSE 350 has decreased again this year to 10, down from 16 in 2021, with the Government commenting that they are ‘on track’ to reach the voluntary targets set for boards by 2025.

Understanding Approaches to D&I in Financial Services

January 02, 2023

The FCA observed how financial services organisations designed and embedded diversity and inclusion strategies, read the in-depth report on their findings here.

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Banking and Capital Markets with Industry Clouds

December 01, 2022

While cloud adoption is on the rise in general, could industry clouds help realise the full potential of the banking industry’s digital and business transformation efforts.

UK Banking Roles in Biggest Shake-Up in More Than 30 Years

November 01, 2022

A second Big Bang? BBC News reports on how the Government has announced what it describes as one of the biggest overhauls of financial regulation for more than three decades.

Retail Banking 2025 and Beyond

October 03, 2022

PwC’s article suggests five potential scenarios for the future of retail banking - building strength amid transition.

2023 Banking and Capital Markets Outlook

September 01, 2022

A new global economic order seems imminent. Banks globally can chart a path through the current fog of uncertainty to reposition for a brighter future.

The Three Leadership Lessons From Sarina Wiegman and England’s Lionesses

August 02, 2022

On Sunday, England beat Germany 2-1 to secure the country's first major football trophy for 56 years. What can leaders learn from their triumph and manager Sarina Wiegman's approach? Doug Baird explores Sarina’s approach in his article published in Management Today.

ESG unlikely to survive in its current form, lobby warns

July 11, 2022

Sustainable investments are a focus for organisations looking to hit their ESG agendas, but will the energy crisis and conflict in the Ukraine change these goals, Money Marketing’s article investigates.

For Banks to Survive, They Need to Champion Their Eco-Conscience

June 13, 2022

With sustainability firmly on the agenda for banks and financial services institutions, the International Banker investigates the urgency of adopting appropriate strategies and transparent reporting to ensure that the sustainable-banking imperative is achieved.

How Company Finance Chiefs Can Prepare for The Worst

May 23, 2022

Can past studies offer lessons on how to navigate the current chaotic times? The following opinion piece from the Financial Times shares thoughts on this.

Details of Critical Third Parties Regime in UK Financial Services Emerge

April 23, 2022

Thought provoking article surrounding the recent outlining of regulation of CTPs by the Treasury and what this will ultimately mean for the financial services industry.

Women In the Workplace Stay With “Gender Equality Leaders,” Survey Finds

March 23, 2022

The diversity agenda is always at the forefront of our mind and our process and interestingly Deloitte’s Women at Work report suggests that the proportion of women currently looking for a new role has increased since last year, but those at organisations committed to gender equality are unlikely to be among them.

United Kingdom Economic Outlook

February 23, 2022

Could the sharp squeeze on disposable incomes and the twin risks of COVID-19 and political tensions deliver volatile growth this year?

ESG is Banking’s Next Big Thing

January 28, 2022

Will ESG facilitate growth in the long run - attracting talent, reducing costs, and forging a sense of trust amongst consumers - Forbes’ interesting article with compelling statistics is food for thought.

2022 Outlook - Just How Bright Is It?

December 17, 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, and with Omicrom looming large, we can’t help but wonder what 2022 has in store for both the global economy and also more specifically the financial services industry.

Women on Boards - Meet the Headhunter - 17th January 2022

December 17, 2021

Women on Boards is an inclusive networking and mentoring organisation with some 28,ooo members in the UK.

Partnering Again With Cambridge & Counties Bank

October 15, 2021

Taylor Harrison has been retained by Cambridge & Counties Bank to source a new Board member.

Most workers do not expect full-time office return

September 16, 2021

Will the learnings of the last 18 months be taken forward to the advantage of all? Interesting article with some compelling statistics, echoing our thoughts that there may be a new normal following Covid-19.

Championing Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

September 15, 2021

Supporting individuals in the workplace with mental health concerns is especially key in these post-pandemic times.

FCA Launches Sandbox for Products Validating ESG Disclosure

September 06, 2021

Earlier this year 28 organisations took part in the first digital sandbox pilot for businesses wanting to test and develop new products in the area of environmental, social, and governance data and disclosure.

The DiverCity Podcast

August 29, 2021

Congratulations to The Diversity Podcast, who were listed by the content reader, Feedspot, as one of the ‘Top 15 Diversity and Inclusion Podcasts’ for the second year in a row.